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What Makes Us Different

The core of Zona Physical Therapy is personal and individualized care.

Zona Physical Therapy is distinctively different from other physical therapy practices as each treatment session is one-on-one with a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy —no aides, no technicians. This concept has proven to achieve unparalleled results in healing from chronic pain or sports related injuries. Zona Physical Therapy uses the latest and most advanced techniques in manual therapy and therapeutic exercise as well as client education. This enables us to provide the highest quality of care throughout your entire program so that you can return to a pain free life.

At Zona Physical Therapy we believe in functional physical therapy

This means isolating your movements in work or play, into specific patterns that will be used to direct your treatment, getting you back to your lifestyle at a higher functional level.

Muscles and joints do not work alone

Simple tasks, as mundane as drinking a glass of water or getting up from a chair, require the coordination of many muscles and joints. Imagine what it takes to swing a golf club with precision, play soccer or football. These activities require the use of virtually every joint and muscle in the body working together. Muscles and joints, therefore, must be trained in groups.

 We use this functional philosophy for athletes and non-athletes. Whether you were injured by gardening or playing golf, you can benefit from our treatment philosophy. Your healing is our top priority.

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